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As an architect, Josep-Maria has proved his art in a wide range of fields, from design of schools to individual houses, from restoration of historical and cultural heritage to urban planning. He is very devoted to his birthplace, L'Albagés, and particularly appreciates the beautiful Garrigues region. He has been involved several times in the restoration of the region's typical dry-stone buildings, a building art that is listed as an intangible heritage by UNESCO.

"I have the same ambition as my cousins: to add value to this land and this village that I love so much. My mission is to help harmonise this project, which has already been awarded the "Prize for the best olive tourism initiative" at the 58th Fira de l'Oli de Borges Blanques". 


Olive Oil Consultant

As agricultural engineer, Ignacio began working in the olive oil sector in 2001, when he became tasting master at the "Official Jury of Olive Oil of Aragon", a sensory analysis laboratory recognised by the International Olive Oil Council. His position as president and general manager of a group of cooperatives allows him to be trained by the best Tuscan mill masters. His 360° expertise enables him to obtain remarkable results. In Spain, Morocco or South Africa, Ignacio has extracted oils that have been awarded prestigious international prizes.


"The first time I visited the estate, I fell under the spell of an iconic project, with features unique in the world. And I saw its full potential of development ! Since then, I have been committed to achieve the goals set by the Teycheney family."



Soil & Fertility Consultant

Pere Villar Mir has been part of Finca Cuadrat since the Cuadrat family took over the olive groves in 2015. As doctor and agronomy engineer from the University of Lerida, he is a specialist in soil fertility and plant nutrition.  He has studied the ideal living conditions of the olive trees in their climatic and geological environment for each plot.  


"Finca Cuadrat's range of olive oils is the expression of a terroir*, composed of the addition of micro-terroirs that complement each other."


*The word "terroir", which translates as "tierra" in Spanish, does not have the same meaning as "terroir" in France. In fact, the notion of terroir, in French, encompasses the meeting of a soil, a climate and a know-how.


Operations Manager

Sergi first worked in several vineyards in the Penedès. In 2010, he discovered oleology. He has a real passion for the world of olives and olive oil. After training in all aspects of cultivation, from genetics to regulations, from techniques involved in processing olives to marketing of olive oil, Sergi worked as a farm manager for Miceli & Sensat in Sicily and as a technical director for Finca La Gramanosa.

"When the Teycheney family detailed in 2020 their project for building an innovative and technologically advanced oil mill, I immediately felt like being part of the team."



Sales manager

Ramon Collel benefits from a thirty-five years experience in food processing, sales and tourism. Ramon not only promotes our extra virgin olive oil but also the tourism at Finca Cuadrat.


"I am passionate about Cuadrat Valley! It is a very innovative project in a unique location. I am willing to show our know-how that allows us to produce exceptional olive oils.

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