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Finca Cuadrat is located in the province of Lerida (Spain) between the villages of Albagés and Juncosa, 120 km west of Barcelona. With 90 hectares of land, 62 of which are dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees, the rest of the estate is home to groves and forests, a truffle oak grove, almond trees...


Finca Cuadrat is located in the heart of a magnificently preserved natural environment, which has been shaped by the art of dry-stone construction, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Terraces, troughs and vaulted huts, known in Catalan as "cabanes de voltes", emblematic of the Garrigues region, envelop, shape and humanise the landscape. 


The hilly landscape, typical of the Garrigues Catalanes, rises to 470 meters. It is an ideal elevation for olive trees. They have been cultivated for generations using a system of terraces, with dry stone walls that retain water and reduce erosion and maintain fertility.


Our 21st century mill, with its contemporary architecture, was built on terraces supported by dry stone walls, called "Espona" in Catalan. It was designed as a  high-tech site for oil production which can be visited by everybody ! The challenge, both aesthetic and ecological, was to arrange a plantation of olive trees, respectful of the Mediterranean nature.



Dominant soils, made up of sandstone and shale, are very calcareous and benefit from great aeration. They are ochre-coloured and have a silty-clay texture with little gravel. 


The Mediterranean climate is slightly continental, with cold winters and dry and hot summers (average temperature is 5ºC in winter and 35ºC in summer). This contributes to the unique aromatic quality of our fruit. Rainfall averages 350 mm per year and is therefore low. It avoids plant diseases.

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Arbequina Olive is small, round, symmetrical, very aromatic and pale green in colour and is typical of Catalonia. It is the star of the Garrigues! A Legend sets that it was brought back from Palestine in the 18th century by the Duke of Medinaceli, Lord of Arbeca and descendant of the powerful Dukes of Cardona. It produces one of the best oils in the world, guaranteed by the PDO "Les Garrigues" (Protected Designation of Origin). 


The Garrigues are one of the Catalan territories with the oldest oil production. It is not by chance that it is the oldest registered Protected Designation of Origin for extra virgin olive oil in Spain (1975 and certified by the European Union in 1996). Terroir and climatic conditions are the main assets of this PDO, which is characterised by low acidity and numerous organoleptic qualities and a beautiful green colour and a fruity taste.

"The exceptional quality of our olive oils is the result of this land, specific climatic conditions and careful cultivation. The know-how of Cuadrat Valley Finca Agricola is closely linked to this terroir. This is reflected in the label of our olive oils: Extra Virgin Monovarietal PDO Les Garrigues."
Evelyne Cuadrat-Teycheney
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